Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jakub Bandoch aka Jakub Stefano in Jeans - Part 07 of the Photoshooting

Photoshooting with Jakub - Jakub in Jeans

Here some more photos of Jakub Stefano in jeans. More photos will follow soon.

To all those people, who regularily check this blog. THANK YOU.
My intention of this blog is to offer beautiful photos of beautiful persons and things, from photos of nature to photos of people. Please check this blog regularily and support me to make this blog a success !

THANKS also to the models who accepted to be photographed by me. If you as reader fit to my requirements and also like to be photographed, don`t be shy to contact me .... Maybe we can arrange a photoshooting !

Have fun, enjoy life .... and link to my page.
Thanks !

More photos will follow soon !
See also my other photos of Jakub and Marcello - please use the archive !
New models will follow soon.

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